Prevention By Prediction


Architect corner is an emerging technology startup in Tactile Internet. Tactile Internet provides capabilities to provide physical experiences remotely on wearables, haptic interfaces, tactile interfaces, biometrics, hologram TV, connected cars , unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), devices, sensors and smart components. Tactile Internet has least number of players- Senseg, Enlighted, Heapsylon, Magnacom, Alpental Technologies,Nuran Wireless, Accelleran, Airrays and Artemis Networks. Architect Corner differentiates with others in enabling payments, authentication, disaster support, remote health/delivery/ sensing and control. NextGen Telecom Platform- Tactile Internet has Disaster Support, Payments, Delivery, Control,Remote Monitoring, Survelliance,Telematics, Customer Mgmt, Order Mgmt, Sensor Network Mgmt, IOT Cloud, Smart home and building, Smart Cities,Payments, Big Data and Enterprise Mobility Products. The motivation was to penetrate into enterprise with emerging technology - Tactile Internet through IOT, wearables and bigdata. Architect corner has background and successes in the areas of RFID mgmt, intrusion detection systems, compliance and content control systems, peak flow  analysis systems,call server monitoring, mobile crm, location based delivery platforms.


Architect corner is a startup started on Sep 2014. For last couple of years, Architect corner was involved in RFID deployment, monitoring, healthcare asset management, security networking, peak flow analysis,mobile crm, location based delivery platform, call server monitoring,compliance and content control solutions,vulnerability management,intrusion prevention and firewalls. The products for ISVs like Pango Networks, Vericept,Brix Networks,ISS, Arbor were architected and developed by Architect corner. The products  related to IOT (Asset management with RFIDs), Enterprise Risk Mgmt(Vericept), VOIP Call Server monitoring(Brix), Compliance and Control, Intrusion detection,Peakflow DoS(Arbor), detects, traces, and filters DoS attacks. Network security solutions related to identifying the security holes and vulnerabilities of various devices on the network like desktops, servers, routers/switches, firewalls, security devices and application routers.Products are architected over platform using a layered approach to security that provides greater overall protection for system because of its multiple lines of defense (Firewalls, Intrusion prevention, OS events and Buffer overflow exploitation prevention).


Architect Corner is currently working with the clients below for the services in the Tactile Internet space.


Smart Cities Demo


Architect Corner is focussing on Predictive Analytics  (AI Platform) 

  • Smart cities
  • Video Surveillance
  • Disaster Support
  • Physical Payments
  • Remote Health
  • Remote Delivery
  • Remote Sensing and Control
  • Sensor Network Mgmt
  • Broadband Access in Dense Areas
  • Pervasive Video
  •  Smart Office
  •  Operator Cloud Services
  •  HD Video/Photo Sharing in events
  • Broadband Access EveryWhere
  • Loyalty Mgmt

IOT Reference Architecture

Architect corner recommends IOT Reference architecture which has application, middleware, intelligent computer technology,Network support, coordination & collaboration and data collector layers IOT Architecture Toolkit IOT Architecture toolkit accelerates the solution design and development. It consists of opensource based frameworks for portal, web mvc, event processing, enterprise service bus,device management,message broker and identity access management.

IOT Development Studio

IOT Development Studio (Rudra Studio) has support for Client Implementations of the MQTT protocol,Lua Runtime providing HW abstraction and other services,Embedded Luna Development,Java/OSGI based scada development,Java/OSGI based M2M container for gateways,Implementation of MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols in C, M2M/IOT (COAP/MQTT),Smart Home,ETSI  M2M,COAP protocol (java) and LWM2M (C).

IOT Solution Kit

The IOT solution toolkit targets IOT cloud, IOT middleware, IOT physical web, IOT firewalls and intrusion detection systems. The implementation goals are to improve productivity,security, cost and efficiency. Typical challenges which architect corner can help overcome enterprises for IOT solution adoption are big data information, unstructured data,security issues, privacy issues,compliance issues, rapid change in  technology and evolving standards.

Sensor Centric Cloud

Sensor centric cloud supports comprehensive set of sensor types and smart objects. IOT middleware supports handling http,soap,coap,message encoding,IOT Objects,IPV6 internet,Group Communication, BIX server,IOT SYS Logic,KNX adapter,BacNet adapter,Zigbee,enocean adapter and wireless M-Bus adapter.