Daily Mocha in the morning... Sipping coffe and looking at previous blog related to tracking through a database of common rapists and teasers who are living around you.. "The other approach is to create a database of common teasers with photographs and share the database through web, mobile and social channels."

The idea flows .. an app to proactively detect a common rapist and teaser around you like in MI4.What if every women in the world has capability like MI4-women detecting the profile and history of the person before her using her mobile phone app. Augmented reality which presents the real profiles with matched profiles.Profile can be an eve teaser, rapist, criminal,corporate criminal, kidnapper and illegal entity.

UN women initiative has been around for literacy,information mgmt, safe tourism, safe shopping, night walking and entertainment. New apps are available for locational intelligence around the person's location. Notifications for security and alert mgmt are available.Knowing a stranger before contacting or alerting the police regarding the presence is the basic premise. To move from handling complex problems to prevention and then detection of patterns is the current trend in complex event processing space.

Facebook,twitter apps linking the profiles from social media to the augmented reality mobile apps will be the social genome application. UN women database can be built by using crowd sourcing like digging concept. Database can be available to all women who are traveling for business, pleasure, tourism and shopping. The database can be real time or offline syn up of geographical segment of the database.


Taking this to Hollywood level envisioning, a shopping mall cameras can detect teaser,rapist or criminal and publish to kiosks, ad banners, SMS messages to the shoppers and security. Parking lot cameras can alert using the same database in malls and universities.


There is another school of thought that a criminal needs to go for transformation. In my perspective, we need to pull the evil out of the roots of the system to make this world a better place.

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