Products - Mobility Studio

Mobility Development Studio  has support for mobile applications built on various devices - Apple IPhone, Google Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Tablets - IPad. The studio has a drag and drop user interface builder and service studio for integrating services with the user interface bound controls.

In the Retail and Consumer Market domain, Merchant offers can be stored in memory and based on the location, offers can be assessed and sent to the customer. The customer offer when redeemed will use the mobile wallet which acts as the mediator for payments. Product catalog can be accessed from memory for speed and faster user experience to the customer. 

Food Stamps, Air Time and Tpin can be converted to loyalty points on the mobile wallet. They can be redeemed for purchases.Augmented reality solutions help in navigating the customer to the appropriate stores and store item location.

The retail ecommerce & e-payment solution targets multiple channels, social networks and devices to access information through events. Events occur in real time and get generated by various applications. Events have to be captured in a database or in memory to be processed and information has to be sent across the application layer to different devices and channels (web, desktop, kiosk and mobile).Every event has context associated with it. Context will be typically what, why, who, where, when related attributes. For an offer, what products the customer is interested in, the personality of the individual, where the person is located, when the product needs to be delivered and the need for the product. 

The multi-channel contextual engine will process the event and the information associated. The contextual engine will have the messaging, event processing, web services and analytics capabilities. The solution patterns related to event processing are sequential, aggregate, on-off, missing, window, correlations and nested events.  

The social engine is a part of the solution. Social store, social shopping and social genome are the engine capabilities. Social genome features are related to people/product/topic/place/event associations. People are associated with friends and followers. Product will be correlated to the other products. Product availability is associated with the place. Place and the events happening at that place are associated 

The context associated with enterprise domain entities like product, individual, employee, customer, vendor, partner, item etc., is processed and stored in the data store. The events related to Customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning etc., are processed and information is sent as response as requested.