Banking Solution targets branch recognition, automated investment advice, ATM monitoring, identity management customer interaction by video, cardless payments, asset management system for secured loans and location based customer care services & banking products.

Financial Services & Insurance Solutions cover digital treasure trove, personal insurance alert mgmt, business insurance mgmt, investment & insurance linkage, investment accounts & health monitoring linkage, augmented reality applications for property information & mortgage management, virtual video interaction and tracking employees for personal and travel insurance.

Smart grid solution has modules for distribution system,usage system,equipment management systems. Smart grid targets energy generation using fuel,gas, electricity and renewables. 

The integrated city management platform is upcoming solution which will accelerate the smart cities solution deployment. Smart cities solution consists of features to support weather & emissions,security,traffic mgmt,public transport, electric vehicles, events and emergency mgmt. 

Drone survelliance mgmt solution is targeted towards cloud based control for drones and smart drone mgmt. The goals of this solution is to improve accuracy, security, profitability, monitoring and management.Local drones can reach inaccessible areas to mankind –  for journalism, disaster relief, firefighting, policing, pipeline surveillance, terrain, mining, volcano lava flows agriculture, weather, film making

In real estate, building management and surveillance are the areas. Agriculture automation can be another area penetrating through government for private farming and large scale agriculture based industries. Smart cities, Smart connected vehicles and transportation can be the upcoming area to penetrate through government sector for private enterprises and consumer market.

Location Intelligence, Smart Home, Asset monitoring and management in the areas of Telematics, Telemedicine, healthcare, consumer, retail can be other idea for revenue generation. IOT Cloud - Health Care will have the Patient Identity, Patient condition record, Patient treatment information, Patient Location and Monitoring rules. Intelligent Life Support System, Personal Health Metrics Dashboard and Rich Health Care Monitoring & Control are the evolvingsolutions in the health care vertical.

Avionics and embedded systems based on SCADA can be the emerging area for private aviation and aerospace industry. Security and privacy based capabilities based on sensors, rfids for legal and security consulting firms.

Smart life and smart lifestyle is emerging area in the entertainment, digital media and media.

Wearable devices, BI, Big data, Mobile will be the horizontals to target for enterprises in different verticals.